Okay, This is Stressing Me Out

Today is the day I’m expected to ovulate. I followed the morning protocol given to me by the clinic and, once again, I’ve gotten a negative test. I’m a little frustrated.

After getting up at 5am to empty my bladder, and again at 8 to test only to turn up negative, I did some research to help calm my nerves.

Here’s what I learned:

  • LH hormone is produced in the morning, which is why first urine testing isn’t recommended. This also means that the best time to test is typically early afternoon to early evening. (This is frustrating given the weekend protocol my clinic requires. It means that, if I ovulate like normal…I’ll perpetually miss their 830am deadline to call it in.)
  • If you have a short LH surge period, it’s best to test twice per day.
  • There are other ways to track ovulation. Only some of which I’ve been using.
    • Ovulation test strips
    • Saliva Test Microscope
    • BBT tracking
    • Cervical Mucus Tracking
    • Cervical Position Tracking
    • Typical ovulation symptoms:
      • mild cramps/bloating
      • pain on one side of the abdomen
      • headaches
      • increase in vaginal lubrication
      • egg white cervical mucous
      • high, open and soft cervix
      • sometimes spotting after the egg breaks through the follicle

I’ve been using the ovulation test strips which track the luteinizing hormone surge that indicates ovulation in the next 24-36 hours.

I did even know about the saliva test microscope and will likely be investing in one. I found one on Amazon.com and they’re a reasonable $50. Here’s the one I’ll be getting for my next ovulation cycle if I really have missed this one. It tests for the corresponding estrogen surge that indicates ovulation in the next few days: KNOWHEN

Basal Body Temperature (BBT) tracking isn’t something I’ve assumed will be very effective for me. I’m neither a deep sleeper or a smooth sleeper. I move around a lot when I sleep and often wake up multiple times throughout the night. I’ve assumed that all these sleep factors would make my BBT testing pretty inconsistent.

Cervical Mucus tracking is something I’ve been doing and I imagine I’ll feel a bit better about how I interpret that once I get my positive test.

Cervical Position tracking is also something I’ve been doing and like the CM testing, will feel a lot better about this being an indicator of ovulation when I get the corresponding positive test.

This cycle, I’ve had all the normal symptoms of ovulation except spotting, which is not a symptom I think happens for me. I also had my typical “pre-ovulation” migraine on Friday which I typically associate with an estrogen surge. If I were to use that as a replacement for the saliva test, having an estrogen surge on Friday means that I’m about due to ovulate.

So, I’ll be testing again today around 1 and then again later in the evening. The last time I got a positive ovulation test, it was around 1230 when I tested.

All this new research leaves me feeling slightly calmer about what my body is doing and mildly irritated with the weekend protocol of my clinic. This 830 am deadline, because they only check messages once a day on the weekend, seems to fly in the face of how ovulation typically works…I dunno.

Wish me luck!



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