Let’s Go Already!

Day 7 of testing and still no line. I have to admit; even though my ovulation tracking app predicts that I’ll ovulate tomorrow, I was really hoping it would happen today. I didn’t really understand why but the more I think about it, the more it feels like impatience and worry.

Impatience because I just want it to happen already and worry that it won’t happen at all. The lingering anxiety  is that my body won’t do what I’m expecting it to do is very real.

I practiced my ovulation testing in August and September. August went just fine. September was a little stressful. The day I was expecting to ovulate, I had a faulty test. Neither the test line or the control line showed anything. I tested again when I got home and got the same result.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until the following day that it occurred to me the test sticks might just be broken. I used three more, got all broken tests and then switched brands to the First Response Ovulation Test Kit with Digital Confirmation. Those one’s worked perfectly but I’d already missed my LH surge for the month.

So, I went into October with a 50% success rate on ovulation testing. Needless to say, I’m a little anxious about the whole thing. But writing about it helps. Helps me recognize that the majority of my jitters are just anticipation and that there’s no reason for me anticipate anything but a normal cycle.

I’m due to ovulate tomorrow at the earliest. And, as relieving as it would have been for it to happen this morning…I can wait.

It’s going to be okay.

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