Approaching the Starting Line

Today I start ovulation testing. I’m kind of shocked that we’ve gotten to that point already. I feel like it’s only been a few days…but the reality is, I’ve been planning for this for nearly a decade.

Here are the logistics.

I start testing on day 10 of my cycle. I need to test the second urine of the day. So, during the week I’ll be testing around 10 am and 4pm (the second test just in case the LH hormone kicks in later in the day. On the weekend, my clinic is open to appointment only so I’ll need to test before 8:30am so I can let them now when I’m positive. They check messages once per day so, I’ll be waking up early enough that I can test the second urine before 8:30am. Once I test positive, I’ll have about 24 hours to get to the clinic for the insemination to be maximally effective.

I have the option of having the procedure done twice in two days, but I can’t really afford to go through my money that quickly so one insemination per cycle is going to be it for me.

I’ll call in my positive test and make plans to travel that day or the next. I’m starting to see the appeal of testing earlier and traveling the same day so I might actually decide to take that approach the whole week.

I’m not expecting to ovulate until October 2nd, but my body’s going to do whatever it wants so I’ll just be paying better attention than usual. One of the really interesting things I’ve noticed since starting to track my ovulation is that I can actually feel it when my ovary releases an egg. I used to think that my mildly crampy mid-cycle day was something I ate. But now I realize, in conjunction with two positive practice ovulation tests, that what I’m actually feeling is my body doing its fancy stuff!

It’s kind of reassuring to know that I can feel some of this stuff and that the internal workings of my body aren’t a completely veiled mystery.

My magical unicorn roommate/best friend has had her random-no-warning-day-off approved, which adds a layer of excitement to the whole thing. We’re both voting for a weekend ovulation so we don’t have to battle traffic but I can’t really say I care too much. What I really want is a positive pregnancy test and 40 weeks later, a little doodlebug of my own.

I’ll keep you posted!!!

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