Update: We are confirmed!

Just got off the phone with the clinic. Apparently, my online requests didn’t make it through. I’m so glad I called today to follow up. I’m all confirmed for the reserved vial from my first choice donor!

I’ve been advised to start testing on day 10 of my cycle (September 25th, just one day before my 32nd birthday). Once I test positive, I have about 24 hours to get to the clinic for my insemination. As of now, I’m expecting to ovulate October 2nd and head down for the insemination on October 3rd. We’ll see what my body has to say about that.

Since I’ll be traveling 3 1/2 hours to the clinic, it’ll be a bit of a logistical circus, but that’s okay with me.

I just got me email with instructions for what to do if I ovulate over a weekend. This all just got very real and very exciting! I’ll be calling the office in a bit to get clarification on weekend procedures but  that’s mostly to sooth my nerves.

The other life-saver in this process has been my google calendar. I’ve made sure that everything I need to do, everything I need to remember is on that calendar with alarms to remind me. That, and this awesome countdown app that I’ve got on my home screen that does an excellent job of helping me stay focused on what matters. I’ve been waiting for so long. I can make it 14 more days…

We’re down to two weeks or less…..I can’t wait!

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